Friday, March 24, 2017

History of Technology - Index

The course of History of Technology analizes the evolution of the machine culture between the Renaissance and the Present Time, with some links to the Ancient and Medieval History.
Without entering the internalist description of the technologies the lectures investigate the society development with respect to the innovation processes, but also taking into account the political, economic and artistic themes. The approach is not chronological, but by themes that are enarrated throug the time evolution. In particular the lectures will follow the index as below:
  1. Storytelling, modelling and designing, i.e theactivities of historians, scientists, and technicians.
  2. The stages of the evolution of technology according to José Ortaga y Gasset.
  3. The first agricultural revolution vs the industrial revolution
  4. The materials: natural vs industrial
  5. The energy: natural vs industrial
  6. The information: paper vs ICT
  7. The instruction: apprenticeship vs technical school
  8. The innovation: inventors vs industrial development
  9. The representation: drawings vs augmented reality
  10. The challenges: science vs conflicts
  11. Weapons
  12. Transports
  13. Textiles
  14. Building 
  15. Mechanics
  16. Hydraulics
  17. Electricity
  18. Chemistry
  19. Computing
  20. Logistics
  21. Metallurgy
  22. Aeronautics
  23. Manufacturing
  24. Arts and literature
Suggested books are: Vittorio Marchis, Storia delle macchine, Roma-Bari : Laterza, 2005; Ian McNelly (Ed.), The Encyclopedia of the History of Technology,  London : Routhledge, 1990.

Vittorio Marchis, professor of History of technology

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